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Blud Trailer


Play as a vampire who has awoken to find an evil necromancer has taken over your castle and recruited an army of Cultists, Zombies, Ghosts, and other creatures of the night. Sneak in, make your way through 4 unique levels on the way to the top floor, and dethrone the pesky dark mage!


WASD - Move/Attack
ESC - Pause

System Requirements

Requires Java 8 or higher. Developed and tested on Windows 10.

*Notice* There seems to be an issue on some machines allocating enough heap space to load sounds, resulting in the game crashing or not opening. Try running the application from the command line using the -Xmx argument to increase the heap size of the JVM (e.g. java -jar -Xmx1g Blud.jar).


Made in 15 days from scratch, using Java 8 for the 2019 LOWREZJAM. Engine, Music, and Assets made in house. Unfortunately we didn't have the time to implement more sound effects other than the soundtrack itself. Feel free to take a look at our code and assets hosted on Github. We hope you enjoy!


Executable (.jar) 49 MB
Soundtrack (.zip) 48 MB

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